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Less than 30 minutes

Complete the Landmark Run only and earn 180 XP.

Less than 60 minutes

Complete the Landmark Run whilst foraging on the way round, then end by reaching 10 total forages and earn 240 XP.

Run around with a friend and you can complete the battle daily bonuses too +90 XP

Less than 90 minutes

Landmark run whilst foraging. Stop to battle at the popular battle plots as you go, taking detours when needed. Only stay at these battle plots if there are a lot of people there to help you get your wins.

TIP: Use the chat function to ask people if they are available to “trade wins” in the quadrant.

More than 90 minutes

Complete all the above, then forage at popular rare materials plots to grind earnings and XP.

We have marked the battle plots on the map, which are usually the best places to forage due to the higher probability of finding rare materials.

The community has also created a spreadsheet with the best plots, which you can view by clicking here.

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