Is Vulcanverse For You?

What is Vulcanverse?

VulcanVerse is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with lore written by fighting fantasy authors.

To put it simply, it’s a role-playing game in which thousands of players play together at the same time in a 24/7 online game world based in Roman-Greek Mythological lore.

World of Warcraft is perhaps the best known and most popular MMORPG example out there, but there are many others.

While it is possible to quest or do other activities alone, most activities are done with other players.

The difference with Vulcanverse is instead of you paying to play, you can play for free and earn tokens with real world value monetary value! A unique and revolutionary new reality whereby you can earn with only a few hours a day (and more if you want it) and even more if manage to find rare NFTs worth $100’s!

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What can you do?

Have you ever wished you could own your own digital pet? In Vulcanverse you can collect a variety of pets, called Vulcanites, from owls, to tigers to dragons, and you can make them fight each other. You can pit your pets against those of other players and NPCs. Don’t worry, if your pets lose a given battle you can just revive them, and they won’t even slowly grow to resent you for exploiting them.


Hidden treasures are scattered around Vulcanverse and include a mixture of materials for building and forging, as well as NFT you can sell for $100s on the marketplace. Finding the plots can be as easy as consulting a map, but the consistent grind to continue the forage until the odds are in your favour is where the real prizes are won.


Think Minecraft with more pixels. Terramorph land to create picturesque settings or terrifying sculptures. The possibilities are endless. Although there is direct earnings potential (yet!) through the game, if you create something spectacular, we will send you a bonus, and it’s still awesome to create something unique for you and others to appreciate.


Visit landmarks for xp points and feast your eyes on this massive open world enviroment with incredible immersive graphics. It’s as if you were in Roman-Greco times, with your sword and shield. With four quadrants, all with amazingly unique and detailed features, you can send hours admiring your surroundings. You can earn by foraging and battling in each quadrant.


As in life, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in yourself that you ignore the world around you. Vulcanverse is full of other players that you could interact with. How about you give it another shot? Be nice, have fun. Make someone’s day and make friends, or play with friends.

Coming soon

The most common way to gain experience is running around doing quests for NPCs. Quests are what MMO games use to tell the stories within their game. Every quest has a story, and it’s our job to stitch quests together to make cohesive stories from gameplay fragments. These are expected to become active within the next month.


While incredibly relaxing, fishing happens to be satisfying and mildly profitable, too. It’s an activity that can be completed in any quad with a water source. Buy a fishing rod to ease your way into it, and you’re set up. Not only are many quests connected to the craft there are plenty of achievements to go after, too.

Player Versus Enviroment

layer versus Environment (usually abbreviated as PvE) refers to the combat and activities in the game which are not focused on competing against other players to succeed. PvE content is designed to be completed cooperatively with other players or as a solo player, so if combat is involved it is against computer controlled enemies.

And much more!

Surprisely the game is only in BETA at the moment, with the developers claiming only 10% of the game is live, with 90% still to be released. There are huge opportunities to earn now and in the future. Join us for free and see if you are as addicted as we are, whilst earning real money in the process!

Land Split Into Four Quadrants

Each area will grant landowners its own unique look, designs, and building materials. Rich lore written by award-winning fantasy authors will surround each area, and add intrigue and storyline to the gameplay. Landowners will be able to level up their land, unlocking new assets, buildings, and characters (Vulcanites) to explore the world with.

What you need to play

Please check you have:

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Reasons to play

It’s free to play

It’s fun to play

You earn real money playing


What more do you want?

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What do I need to play?

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