Earn XP

Earning XP & LAVA

Whilst the game is developing, new XP routes are becoming active.

For every 20 XP you receive 1 LAVA (not including GodLike bonuses).

See below for the current active ways to earn XP, and details on how to do it.

Landmark Run

Run around the Vulcanverse map, visiting the 16 Landmarks to receive 10 XP for each and a bonus of 20 XP for visiting one in each quadrant.

Below is the fastest route to visit all Landmarks in Vulcanverse.

Wherever you start it is best to follow the route an anti-clockwise direction. This is because your CAN NOT cross from Hades to Boreas. Only Boreas to Hades is possible therefore to not get stopped, following the map anticlockwise.

Tip: Make sure the game registers the Landmark Visit with 10 XP displaying under the map. For some landmarks you may need to jump up a mountain to register it correctly.

Total 180 XP
Foraging For Materials

Ask your companion to search for materials in the plot you are located.

  • Press 2 or forage from the task menu for crystals to appear
  • Click a crystal close to you, for your companion to start foraging
  • Your companion is now busy for 90 seconds whilst they search for materials.

Depending on the rarity of the materials you find, you can earn between 1-4 XP per forage. This is the best way to grind earnings, after completeing all the daily XP tasks.

There are plots which hold a better chance of finding a high rarity item. The community has created a spreadsheet with the best plots, which you can view by clicking here. Usually these are the popular battle spots too.

Daily Bonuses for Foraging

10 forages in total = 25XP (in a 24 hr period)

Forage once on all quadrants = 20XP (in a 24 hr period)

Total 55-70 XP
Battle Your Companions

As well as Foraging, your companions can battle each other for XP.

  • Click on another player’s companion
  • Press 1 and click battle from the bottom task bar
  • If the opponents companion is not busy (either foraging or already fighting) the player will receive a notification to accept of refuse the fight.
  • If accepted. your companions will fight and only the winner will get 2 xp and count towards xp bonuses

There are popular battle areas of each quadrant marked on the landmark route map above.

Daily Bonuses for Battling

Win 10 battles = 50XP (in a 24 hr period)

Win a battle once on all quadrants = 20XP (in a 24 hr period)

*Remember only wins count!

Total 90 XP
Visit VC for Trading

Trading can only be completed in Vulcan City (VC) – the center of the map.

  • Arrange to meet someone in VC
  • Once there, click on the other player
  • Press 3 to open a trade request
  • Trade with each other 5 times to receive 10 XP (you can trade low value materials)

As you have to climb many stairs to reach Vulcan City (unless entered from Boreas) and you only gain a small amount of XP, it is not so popular but some like to do it.

Total 10 XP
Other Ways To Earn XP

You will also earn 10 XP for playing the game for 1 hour per day.

More routes to be added soon including:

  • Quests
  • Fishing
  • Player v Player Battles
  • Other games!
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